Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Genghis Tron process part II

The transparancies lined up on the light box in the sudio.

Printing the white...

White on the drying rack...


Nearly done...

Me locking the final screen in place on the press.

Mono Prints on the drying rack.

The BLACK screen!

Final posters showing different coloured card stock.

These posters will be available at the gig itself for the 'attendee price' of £5 and available via mailorder afterwards for £10.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Poster for Genghis Tron

This is a poster I've had on the cards for a little while and one that I'm excited about printing! I like the 'Tron's work and I'm also playing this gig so hopefully it will be a good evening and there'll be some interest in the posters.

Matt, who's putting the gig on, needed some imagery quickly to throw around online so I put something together quite quickly but then redid things a little for the final 'print ready' artwork.

Here's the two variations of the poster art:

I'll repost with some process pictures when I start work on printing this, hopefully tomorrow.