Monday, June 01, 2009


Poster I finished up over the weekend for a punk rock alldayer taking place in Wakey:

Wakefield is a Yorkshire industrial town, and as such I went with appropriate subject matter. I am not suggesting Wakey is grimey or overly polluted.

The plan here was to try and convey everything I wanted as simply as possible, using only shapes and textures. Part way through the design I started adding some halftones but realised that in doing so I was straying from my mission objective! I'm pleased at how simple this has come out although there's still a part of me that desperately wants to embellish it with ghosts and keys and creatures...

Not sure if I will screenprint this one yet but I may do if there's some interest.

I would like to work on this further, adding perhaps layers of ground underneath and making into an art print.

Oh, and for those interested - tickets are £17.50 and you can purchase them here: BEEFSTOCK TICKETS


Cameron Steward said...

Thanks Graham. I'm following you now... awesome! x

Irene said...

A really beautiful one.