Friday, June 26, 2009


Here's something I've been working on over the past week which I think is now just about done.

Hopefully this won't destroy the horizontal scroll of my Blog!

Click HERE to see a bigger version.

No plans to screenprint this, as it will form the banner and a couple of other elements for my new website. I'm enjoying putting together, actually, it's quite fun to be doing something a bit different and brushing up on my XHTML and CSS skills.


Cameron Steward said...

Glorious stuff Graham, I adore this. Seems to be a 'Little Friends'-esque-ness but still totally your own!

Graham D Pilling said...

Cheers Cam - yep, I stated to notice I was headed in a LFoPM direction about halfway through but just went with it!

I'm still trying to convey as much as I can with just shapes and textures, something which those guys do very well (and not to mention yourself, actually - your new stuff is grand!).

Benny said...

Holy crap that's good!

And you even got a bike in there... ;)

Cameron Steward said...

Well, you're doing a grand job with all the textures at the moment. Its very much part of your signature / style now. And thanks, i'm glad you like my new stuff, been awfully busy of late.

Kev Charlton said...

Looking very smart fella.

Alina Chau said...

Beautiful illo!!