Monday, August 17, 2009

Kane, Ku, Lono, Akua!

Night Marchers posters are printed!

Here are some photos of the process in all its hot printing glory:

Taking a quick iventory of my inks.

Your most humble host for this session!

This is a closeup shot of the wall inside the washroom room, which is almost entirely splattered with ink (and a good example of why I could never run a screenprinting setup in my own home!)

Pretty loose and dirty registration -- just how I like it.

A chunk of these will be winging their way to the band and the rest of them will be for sale just as soon as I can sign & number them.

More work very soon!


SwitchOpen said...

Cool process my goodman.

Denny Schmickle said...


richardclayton said...

want one