Thursday, October 08, 2009

Update Eins

I think I'm now sufficiently recovered from my Hamburg trip to be able to regale you, dear readers, with some tales...

Of course, the main reason for being there was to take part in Flatstock Europe 4 but a welcome addition to the activities for this year was a couple of extra exhibitions organised to work in partnership with the 'Stock, and with the Reeperbahnfest as a whole.

The first event which took place was the Squeegeedragger exhibition at the Galerie auf Halb Acht.

Organised by good Northern lad Nick Rhodes - Switch Open, the brief was sent out to various poster designers and print makers to paint, decorate or otherwise customise a squeegee handle -- the wooden fella that is used to pull ink through the mesh during the screenprinting process.

Now, confession time. I found this a bit of a struggle. I haven't physically painted anything in quite a while, and my current style of quite crisp shapes with plenty of texture is not one easily replicated in paint. But after a few false starts, I'm pleased (read: no longer horrified) with the end results.

The most important thing is that it challenged my otherwise normal creative process and that I got to contribute to a worthwhile endeavour. And that there was plenty of beer at the opening.

Without further ado, here's some snaps of the exhibition opening as well as the piece I contributed:

These photos were taken by Nick Rhodes, (you should check out his workhere) and you can see more pics of the exhibition and opening night on this Flickr page hither.

Mega-thanks to everyone involved in the show!

More Germany updates to come...

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