Friday, October 09, 2009

Update Zwei

The next exciting addition to the Flatstock Europe parade of goodness was the Beatles themed print exhibition which took place at the newly opened Beatlemania Museum.

The brief was to produce a print inspired by a Beatles song of the artist's choice but without using any obvious Beatles imagery, song lyrics, or anything otherwise held tighly within the giant blue fists of copyright control. The last thing we would want is Paul McCartney turning up with his flamethrower and torching the place (as we all know he is want to do)...

Being a fan of winged and beaked beasts, I chose the song Blackbird. The song isn't bad either.

The printing process went incredibly smoothly and this is one of the rare occasions where, at least to me, the final print is actually far better than the Photoshop file I worked from.

I actually photo-Tweeted the process while I was printing this, something which I hope my Twitter followers enjoyed. This is probably something I'll do again, so if following hot print action, live as is performed, is your kind of thing you could do worse than follow my Twittery goodness.

Anyway, here are some snaps of the print process (mostly using Drying-Rack-Cam):

and the final print, signed and numbered:

4 colour screenprint, signed/numbered and limited to 50.
£22 including postage within the UK -- drop me an email if you are interested in purchasing one.

The exhibition opening was a lot of fun and very well put together. There was a free bar and a two-piece Beatles tribute band played which Luke Drozd and I very much enjoyed heckling. An additional, and very welcome, surprise was that the exhibition space also contained a selection of photography work by contemporary music photographers -- some of which were by none other than my old mate Danny North! Small world and all that.

Here's some pics of the museum entrance, as well as the exhibition space. I'm particularly proud that they translated my daft artist biog into German:

The work by the other artists involved was superb, I'm sure much of it is floating round the web for your viewing pleasure. A hearty well-done to everyone involved and a big and sincere thank-you to Dan McAdams for his sterling work in liaising with the right folks to get this off the ground, and of course Monika and everyone at Beatlemania Museum Hamburg.

Thanks for reading. In my next update, we will journey into the booze-breathed maw of the Flatstock 4 beast itself!

Stay tuned...

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