Wednesday, December 02, 2009

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I was about to start this entry with a caveat about how I have yet to use this blog for shameless gig promotion... but then I realised that I essentially do this each and every time I post a gig-poster design. So you are no doubt EXCITED to hear about this latest musical event, yes? I knew! OK!

While I don't play in a 'regular' band anymore like I did back in the day, I do continue to make musical appearances here and there. Here is something which I am excited about:

As the name implies, DESCENDAGE is a Descendents covers band; we first played together around 10 years ago and only play every few years, when the planets and stars are aligned. That glorious time is once again upon us.

In case you are not familiar with the Descendents, they are an American punk band often credited as pioneering the early US Pop-Punk sound. They are abrasive, vulgar and sometimes juvenile but also have many melodic, uplifting, sensitive, and just downright GREAT pop songs. They have a career spanning the entire length of time I have been alive and, for a punk band, they're actually pretty outstanding musicians.

Though they're still around, they don't play all that often, so it's a real treat for my comrades and I to be able to play tribute to one of our all time favourite bands.

We will be playing THIS SATURDAY the 5th December as part of a Punk Rock Stars in Their Eyes night at The Portland Arms, Cambridge, CB4 3BA 01223 357268

If you're in the area, please come along! The setlist promises to be allular...

We will have a few other appearances in the New Year, most certainly something a little closer to home... Watch this space.

"Believe and you shall achieve... ALL!"

Visit the Descendents online home here: and you can also buy their stuff on iTunes and the like.

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