Monday, March 29, 2010

The Letter R

As part of a collaborative poster design being compiled by all the artists involved in the forthcoming Poster Roast - behold the letter R!

I wasn't entirely sure where I wanted to go with this, so my initial sketch was the house design... which, while I liked it visually, I decided there was no real connection between the design and the letter. I wanted a better IDEA than this one.

So, I decided to do something much more typographical in nature, which allowed me to make a statement pertinent to the letter in question.

Head on over to the Poster Roast site for more lettery goodness.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Carry the Fire

So I went to see The Road a few months back and thought it was awesome. The phrase 'Carry the Fire' really stuck with me and I found myself putting together a sketchy little piece of something using the words.

Then I put it to one side and forgot about it. I believed it to be only half-finished and thought I'd return to it at some point and finish it off... except I found it now and decided I like it just the way it is. Nice and simple.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stuff and links to more stuff!


Folks from far and wide will be converging on Austin, Texas in a few days for the South by South West festival (Westival?).

Astute readers will know that SXSW incorporates a Flatstock as well as all the other hot music-on-music action. What better place for gigposters to rear their colour-sep'd heads?!

I won't be attending SXSW in person but fortunately some of my work will be there to speak for me.

The benevolent, fleshy being known as Luke Drozd will be taking some of my poster work over there with him to display alongside his own fine wares -- not only that but he'll be displaying the work of other UK gigposter artists and there will be a little printed booklet available providing art and info regarding said poster-folks as well.

It will be like we're all there representing the UK together! Except in reality it will just be Luke.

AMERICA: do not judge Luke Drozd too harshly, for he knows not what he does. He merely is.

If you happen to be going to SXSW, have a great time! I will not see you there!

Read more hither:


You would be forgiven for thinking that Bandjob is a new social networking site for Satanists to upload and share pictures of skulls, goats, guts, devils, and undead freaks -- BUT it's actually a wonderful new site devoted to music-reated illustration & design work.

The site is still in its infancy so at the moment there appears to be a lot of imagery which one would typically associate with 'evil'. This isn't always a bad thing, however, and there is some hugely impressive work on display. I have no doubt the site will take off and be a valuable resource and happening community.

If you have even the teensiest interest in music-related art, head over there and join in the fun:


The UK's premier gigposter event is back in 2010 and this time it's roastier than ever!

Poster Roast is an event designed to increase awareness and enjoyment of gigposter art, specifically work which is being produced by UK artists. This year Poster Roast is taking place in conjuction with The Camden Crawl and I'm delighted to have been asked to be involved.

Although there will be all kinds of stuff going on as part of the 'Crawl, Poster Roast itself will be taking place at the Black Heart pub on May 1st and 2nd.

To keep up to date with the latest nuggets from the news-pipe, join the Poster Roast Facebook Group!

And while we're on the subject of Facebook Groups - I hear tell that there's a new group dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the AoC affectionado or haterino. Yes, that's right, it's the Friends and Enemies of ARMYofCATS Design group!

Join today for special 'facebook only' discounts and offers on various printed goods!

I'll give you a few moments alone now.

Just to take it all in.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Someone set us up The Bomb!

Here's a poster I whipped up for another gig I'm involved in putting on - The Bomb all the way from sunny Chicago.

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

WYSAS Flyers

WYSAS (Entertainments Division) is a groups of friends who who put on gigs together, each bringing our unique skills to the table in order to get done the stuff what needs to get done, when putting on a gig and stuff.

One of the things I usually get involved in is the flyers, posters and promotional art.

Here's the latest batch of our gig flyers fresh from the printers.  Double sided, lithographically printed. Boy do they smell good.

Regarding the Hot Water Music Flyer, it should be pointed out that the hand drawn type and background illustration is actually by the talented Horsebites Design.  The artwork was provided as a template by the tour bookers, and the additional type & layout was done by myself.

Keep up to date with all the WYSAS Gig Bleats by visiting the nifty blog!

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