Tuesday, March 02, 2010

WYSAS Flyers

WYSAS (Entertainments Division) is a groups of friends who who put on gigs together, each bringing our unique skills to the table in order to get done the stuff what needs to get done, when putting on a gig and stuff.

One of the things I usually get involved in is the flyers, posters and promotional art.

Here's the latest batch of our gig flyers fresh from the printers.  Double sided, lithographically printed. Boy do they smell good.

Regarding the Hot Water Music Flyer, it should be pointed out that the hand drawn type and background illustration is actually by the talented Horsebites Design.  The artwork was provided as a template by the tour bookers, and the additional type & layout was done by myself.

Keep up to date with all the WYSAS Gig Bleats by visiting the nifty blog!


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