Wednesday, May 26, 2010

That fancy Danny North and his fancy business cards...

While working with Danny North on a recent project, we both realised I'd never actually seen the businesscard I designed for him in the dark and misty past...

Spot-varnish on black, with details on the other side. Looks great!

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Poster Roast 2010

A few years ago, I can recall a series of posts on where there was some discussion of the state of "the gigposter scene" within the UK. Printing facilities seemed few and far between; we didn't have things like Flatstock and there wasn't really a scene of collectors - in fact there wasn't even really much understanding of screenprinted gigposters as a 'thing' in general.

Between my chums and I, it's something which has been oft debated and I think the question it raises largely boils down to:

How do we encourage people to be interested in a really niche-of-a-niche thing, while not patronising people by attempting to convey its level of importance as something which it is not?

On the one hand, I want to be acknowledged and have people take an interest in something which I do; but on the other hand screenprinted gigposters are just one small part of my involvement with music & art: screenprinted gigposters aren't my life.

The idea behind Poster Roast has always been to exhibit gigposters in a realistic and appropriate context, in an environment which is conducive to providing a weekend of socialising for the people that create and take an interest in those posters; and to make sure that bands, music and people getting together and having a good time is the main focus.

The humble gigposter is merely a memento and an accompaniment of the important bit; it goes on the wall and it soaks it all in.

As usual, this 'Roast was a thoroughly good time. A huge thanks to Chris & Alex for all the work they put into making Poster Roast a success.

And if I haven't put you off posters too much, you should swing by the 3D Glasses store to purchase the collaborative poster. Yes, do that!

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