Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've seen heroic falls, busted lips from microphone brawls

It's been a very busy past couple of weeks, mostly with work that's not quite fit to show yet.

I also just came back from a trip to Lisbon, Portugal.  Though the purpose was to celebrate the final, free days of a friend who is getting married, the trip also just happened to coincide with the world-renowned Sardine Festival.  Needless to say - good beer, good sardines, good times.

Thankfully, my recovery was swift enough to allow me to finish the poster design for Hot Water Music, which has now been sent off to print.  See below for a sneaky peaky...

I'm also involved in putting the Leeds gig on, which is a-happening on Tuesday the 22nd June.  If you're looking forward to going and don't have a ticket - MOVE FAST, they're very nearly all gone.  Details here:

This promises to be an awesome night. My silkscreen poster will, of course, be on sale directly from the gig and via mailorder from myself afterwards... Watch this space for the full poster reveal soon.

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