Thursday, September 02, 2010

Artcrank London

I am very pleased indeedy to be involved in the first Artcrank London exhibition, taking place in a couple of weeks.

Artists from around the globe will be contributing bike themed poster art, all of which will be affordable to fans of both bicycles and posters. I still don't know any of the other artists involved, but if past Artcrank shows are anything to go by there will most certainly be some recognisable names and some amazing work.

For my contribution, I decided I wanted to depict, not just a bike, but the land and environment in which bikes are most at home. For me, riding a bike is inextricably linked to the British countryside and the idea of getting away from civilisation for a while. I spent countless hours in my younger years riding nearby chunks of greenery, such as The Penine Way and though these days I mostly use my bike to commute to work, I certainly like to get back out in the countryside when I get the chance.

This will be a 3 colour Risograph print (my first time trying out this medium), approx. 15" x 9" in size and limited to an edition of 45.

The opening night is taking place on Friday 17th September at Look Mum, No Hands in London.

I'm not yet sure if I can attend myself but, if you are nearby, this really shouldn't be a factor in you making up your own mind to pedal on down to what will no doubt be a wheely good time.


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dwayne bell said...

Love it!
I would have loved to have been invited to put something into this exhibit.
Good job, my desktop image for this week.