Thursday, September 02, 2010

Rock Paper Show - Flatstock Volume One

My copy of Rock Paper Show arrived today and it is a very niiiiiiice book.  Let me tell you more...

Published by the lovely people at Soundscreen Design, RPS is basically a visual guide to the first 20 Flatstock events - 312 colour pages of photos, interviews, writing and, of course, posters.  This is a chunky mother of a hardback and the overall design of its shiny, booky innards is very impressive. It also smells very nice. This, to me, is hugely important as I often judge the quality of a book by its unique bouquet.  And let me tell you, this one smells like a beaut.

I am sincerely very proud to have some of my work appear in here, alongside a vast number of artists and designers whose work I admire and enjoy. In fact there is plenty of work in here by people I'm very honoured to call my friends. Basically, if I attempted to document my Flatstock experiences in some sort of scrapbook, then Rock Paper Show would be it.  Except that Rock Paper Show is so awesome that it documents a bunch of Flatstocks I never even attended.  If this book gives me a warm feeling, I can only imagine that it is a sincerely gratifying piece of memorabilia for some of the poster stalwarts who've been involved with the API and with Flatstock right from the beginning. Seriously good work all round, people; you should be immensely proud.

You can see more of the book's contents here: and you can most certainly order it from there as well. Which I really think you should do.

And on the subject of Flatstock, the 5th FS Europe taking place in Hamburg, Germany as part of the Reeperbahn Festival is only a few months away. See you there?

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