Sunday, October 03, 2010

Cool story, bro...

It is something of a tradition for Flatstock artists to create a poster for the actual Flatstock event itself, as sort of a souvenir and something which can be traded with other artists.  The great thing about Flatstock posters is that they can often be a great vehicle for poster-nerd in-jokes or other absurdness which wouldn't usually fit on an actual band poster.

With a mixture of pride, humility, and a not unpleasant tingling strangeness I present Dan Macadam / Crosshair's recent Flatstock Europe 5 poster, featuring the 3D Glasses-wearing face of yours truly. Interestingly, that is Chris '3D Glasses' White with his arm around me while my mortal enemy Luke Drozd looks on, like a jealous sod.  Honored indeed!

Dan is a very skilled screenprinter and also a genuinely very nice chap - you should absolutely go look at his amazing work here:

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