Sunday, October 03, 2010

Squeegee! - Die Siebdruck Bewegung

Another very pleasant surprise at this year's Flatstock occurred when the delightful German gent Senor Burns swung by the booth of Luke and I and presented us with copies of a book he has produced: Squeegee! - The Silkscreen Movement.

I had actually sent Berny my content thinking it was merely going to be used as part of an exhibition he was putting on and completely unaware that it was going to be published in such a great looking (and smelling) tome. I was blown away by the quality of the book.  Senor Burns, I salute thee!

The book is full colour and features around 28 artists from around the globe, but with a particular focus on the Europeans.  The text is in a mix of English and German (educational!) but the main focus of course is the lovely, lovely work on show.

I don't currently have any of these for sale but if you happen to be interested, drop me a line and I'll procure some. I know it would look pretty sweet on your bookshelf, coffee table or prison cell bunk.

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