Friday, November 12, 2010

Let's hear it for lists!

The phrase "Lists Make Life Livable" is something I've had written down in my sketchbook (and, funnily enough, my ideas list) for a while now, just waiting for me to do something with it.

It's something of a platitude* but it really is true. I cannot function without lists.  I have lists written on the back of envelopes, lists on my iPhone, lists on post-it notes stuck to my desk, lists on virtual post-its stuck to my desktop... etc. etc.

Often it's not simply a case of me being unable to remember things unless they're on a list, but rather that the physical act of writing/typing the thing down is what reinforces it and allows me to remember it.  PLUS, it's also really satisfying to tick, strikethrough, highlight or otherwise complete something on a list.

As a sort of experiment, I decided I would submit this little piece as a Threadless shirt design. I sort of find it funny when people go on a mad marketing crusade asking people to vote on their shirt designs, since I don't feel voting actually sways whether or not a design gets printed. Threadless have a very successful business model and I'm sure they're more than capable of picking out designs on their own.

It is a tricky one, though, as I certainly feel Threadless shirts, while not adhering to one visual style, do have a sort of specifc 'light heartedness' that makes them a Threadless shirt. Trying to tap into that can be somewhat hit and miss. 

Does this illustration seem like a Threadless shirt?  I kind of hope so, but who knows? As mentioned, more of a fun experiment to see how it does. I'd like to think the moustache helps.

Lists Make Life Livable - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Let's hear it for lists!

* Thanks to my friend Andy for providing me with this word when I asked, "What's the word for saying something obvious and passing it off as clever?"  It's a great word.  Designers use platitudes all the time.

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