Thursday, November 25, 2010

No Means No Means Printing

Here's some photos of the printing session for the No Means No poster.  I also printed a small run of just the design itself, without any of the text.


Both the gigposter and artprint version will be in very limited supply (less than 20 of each version), and there are no plans for these to be sold at the Leeds gig.  If you are interested in one, get in touch and I'll see what I can sort out...

Thanks for watchin'!

Poster Roast Leeds

A little late in sharing these, but here are some snaps of the Poster Roast exhibition which took place alongside Constellations Festival.

I managed to catch a few of the bands (highlights for me were Liars and Chickenhawk) but by far my favourite band of the night were Les Savy Fav.  I managed to take a few photos of the good stuff.

Many thanks to everyone who came along and had a look through the posters, bought something, or just stopped by for a chat.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Let's hear it for lists!

The phrase "Lists Make Life Livable" is something I've had written down in my sketchbook (and, funnily enough, my ideas list) for a while now, just waiting for me to do something with it.

It's something of a platitude* but it really is true. I cannot function without lists.  I have lists written on the back of envelopes, lists on my iPhone, lists on post-it notes stuck to my desk, lists on virtual post-its stuck to my desktop... etc. etc.

Often it's not simply a case of me being unable to remember things unless they're on a list, but rather that the physical act of writing/typing the thing down is what reinforces it and allows me to remember it.  PLUS, it's also really satisfying to tick, strikethrough, highlight or otherwise complete something on a list.

As a sort of experiment, I decided I would submit this little piece as a Threadless shirt design. I sort of find it funny when people go on a mad marketing crusade asking people to vote on their shirt designs, since I don't feel voting actually sways whether or not a design gets printed. Threadless have a very successful business model and I'm sure they're more than capable of picking out designs on their own.

It is a tricky one, though, as I certainly feel Threadless shirts, while not adhering to one visual style, do have a sort of specifc 'light heartedness' that makes them a Threadless shirt. Trying to tap into that can be somewhat hit and miss. 

Does this illustration seem like a Threadless shirt?  I kind of hope so, but who knows? As mentioned, more of a fun experiment to see how it does. I'd like to think the moustache helps.

Lists Make Life Livable - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Let's hear it for lists!

* Thanks to my friend Andy for providing me with this word when I asked, "What's the word for saying something obvious and passing it off as clever?"  It's a great word.  Designers use platitudes all the time.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poster Roast Leeds

Look at that massive C there.  It's massive.  What does it mean?

It means Poster Roast is coming to Leeds, of course, in conjuction with Constellations Festival taking place on Sunday, November the 14th, at a few different venues here in Leeds.

Not only can you watch such awesome bands as Les Savy Fav, Chickenhawk, Broken Social Scene, Liars, Four Tet and many others, but you can now also peruse an exhibition of gigposter designs from some of the very best poster maker people in the UK.

There will there be posters for sale, and you can also meet many of the artists themselves. Look at their faces! Peer intently at the back of their heads, in an effort to understand why, why, why, why... Feed them treats directly into their little hungry mouths -- but remember, FLAT PALMS, or they'll nip.

I would like to think that the exhibition element of the event is free to access, but in all honesty I don't really know.  I'm pretty sure there are windows to peer in through, though.

If you require more information you could always try and dredge something out of the pretty but ultimately completely fucking inaccessible website they have set up here:  

I was hoping to find a page containing all the useful exhibition which I would like to give out to potentially interested parties, but I can't find anything, and I've given up.  I no longer care.  I'm really looking forward to watching Les Savy Fav and having a beer.

Monday, November 08, 2010


Poster and flyer design for Canadian punk rock super legends NoMeansNo, who are one of my absolute favourite bands.

The design is a reference to the song The Tower from their 1989 album Wrong which contains the lyrics:

"From a burning building, a man leaps to his death,
I stand above these mansions of the dead,
Red tombs and above us looms, The Tower!

I see a tower against the sky, Beneath a red unblinking eye."

For ticket information about this gig (which you should absolutely strive to attend, at all costs) swing by here.

I aim to screenprint a very limit amount of these as souvenirs of the gig, but will also be doing an art print version of the design, without the band information and other text. Watch this space!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Black Keys

My silkscreened poster for Ohio 2-piece The Black Keys.  This was for their Liverpool, UK gig on 6th Nov 2010.

The shape of the landmass on which the buildings are sitting is the shape of the state of Ohio.  The speech bubble says 'Welcome to Akron' and is (roughly) where the city of Akron sits in Ohio.

Akron, where the band hail from, was a boom town in the 1800's and a hotbed of many industries, which is what I've tried to capture in the design.

This was available from the gig but can now also be purchased from my online store: