Thursday, February 10, 2011

As a foulness shall ye know them...

It's rare that my work steers into the territory of obvious political commentary.  While I do my best to be as politically informed and active as I can, I think that unless you are a very good writer (which I am not), it's not something that is easily written about on the internet without you coming across as just another reactionist internet pleb.

Verbally grumbling with likeminded folk over a pint of ale in a good pub, however, is absolutely fine (this is practically an English tradition), as is occassionaly making derogatory pictures and posting them on your blog.

I hold in my heart a special place of loathing for UK politicians. I find them smug, self-serving, evasive, slimy, and downright dishonest and it is very rare that I see one speak on television and am not filled with a mixture of rage and revulsion.

The quote, which is taken from the work of H.P. Lovecraft (of whom I am a massive fan), is something I am often reminded of when confronted by the suited, smiling devils.

Poly: meaning many; Tics: meaning blood sucking parasites.

This is a very quick thing I whipped up just to get the idea out of my system, however, watch this space for more specifically Lovecraft-themed work coming soon...

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