Wednesday, March 30, 2011

UKPA Banner

Here is the banner I designed to represent my fellow countrymen and I while we exhibited our fine goods in Texas.

Having work shown alongside seemingly hundreds of other artists (many of them very talented indeed) meant that we needed a USP, in this case (perhaps rather cheaply) simply that we are British.

The little figure is based on the Monopoly man, except I added the hair, mustache, hat and tie.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Burwell Basement Casino

A couple of years back, the lovely Guy Burwell of America told me a great story while we sat drinking coffee in the heart of Hamburg's sleepy red light district.

The story revolved around Guy's father building a sort of cardboard casino for him and his siblings to play in and may (or may not) have involved fleecing the neighbourhood kids out of their pocket money.  Anyway it was one of those stories that sticks with you and I decided to commemorate this great yarn with a tshirt design.

Who knows if it was really true? Perhaps Guy told this story knowing that he would one day get a free shirt out of it. Clever chap.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thank you Austin, Texas, America.

I am back from SXSW!  Some pictures (and hopefully video) to follow, but for now I'd just like to extend a huge thanks to Mark Pedini, Farley Bookout, Geoff Peveto & everyone at the API involved in organising Flatstock, and everyone we met whether they be fellow artists, new friends, people who were interested in our work, or just swung by our booth and said 'good day.'

Extra special thanks, of course, go to British Underground and the UKTI for their gratefully received financial support.

Photo by Farley Bookout