Thursday, May 05, 2011

Forgetters poster process

My WYSAS friends and I were pretty excited about putting on the Forgetters from Brooklyn, NY being that it's the new musical outlet for Blake Schwarzenbach of Jawbreaker fame. I decided to whip up a very small run of posters to commemorate the gig.

I was inspired by the opening track from their 7", Vampire Lessons, which contains the line, "I need a companion to stalk the night," which brought to my mind the image of a cloaked figure stalking the night. Blake's lyrics are well known for their dark-but-tender leanings, so the idea that this cloaked, devil-like figure might actually be a lonely soul is something I wanted to convey with him protectively cradling a heart.

I wanted to keep things simple and work quickly on this one, so went with a silhouette and floral texture background. Here's the end result:


The printing session went well - I actually think I spent the most time on mixing the inks to get the exact shades I wanted. With simple designs such as this, colour is hugely important. If the blue had been too bright or saturated I think it would have spoiled the mood of the piece.

Here's some snaps of the printing process:

I also put together a flyer/poster to advertise the gig, which obviously has a different purpose and needs to contain more information than a poster designed as a memento, but fortunately I was able to tie the two designs together:


The gig itself was great, I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks to everyone who attended, the other bands who played, and the soundman for doing a spot on job of making it all sound sweet.

As mentioned, this is a super-limited run and they are now available in the shop:

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