Monday, May 23, 2011

Screenadelica 2011 pt2

A huge thank you to everyone who got involved with Screenadelica, especially Gary for his organisings and a varied cast of other helpers, who will sadly remain un-sung heroes (for now).

I have to say, it was an absolute pleasure to meet so many people genuinely enthused by the work on show, and willing to splash out on a few prints here and there too. As a gigposter artist, in an environment where tastes and trends ebb and flow, it's often easy to feel a little burned out by investing so much time into something where you don't always get what you might feel is a fair return on the work you put it.  For many artists and designers, producing gigposters isn't a wholly commercial venture and is done out of a love for music and the bands they work for. Coming away from an event like this one, however, you are reminded that there is real value in the shared affinity you get when people not only support what you do, but also understand and share the reasons why you do it.

An Australian fella I spoke to shared a simple but quite poignant thought with me. He said that in 20 years time he will very likely not be still wearing a band shirt he purchased at a gig; but he may well still be displaying a framed gigposter on a wall, or at the very least have that poster stored away as part of a larger collection, something perhaps that he may even pass onto his kids someday. This observation is so simple, it's never actually occurred to me before but it makes a lot of sense and provides real encouragement in continuing to design and be involved in the work that I, and other, artists do.

Sincere thanks, Liverpool, you've been a lovely place to visit. See you next time.


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