Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Textbook - Out of My Universe

Textbook are a great three-piece pop-punk band from Chicago and have a new EP out called 'Out of My Universe' which I whipped up the cover for.

One of the band members is a fan of certain long-running, BBC sci-fi series, so there is a little reference to that which you might spot.

The 6 song EP recorded and mixed by Matt Allison (with help from Justin Yates) and availble to purchase online from those agreeable chaps at Boss Tuneage Records for the princely sum of only £3 - you should head here immediately and pick one up!

Textbook are on their way to our inclement shores so UK folk should have a look at their tour dates and swing by to see them if you can. They are lovely lads and would appreciate multiple drinking companions.


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