Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bicycle Artshow at Mellow Johnny's, Austin TX.

I am honoured to have been asked by one of my newly acquired Austin friends (and all round super good guy), Bobby Dixon, to be involved in a bike themed art exhibition taking place at Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop in Austin, Texas, happening this September.


A limited number of my 'Ride Hard...' prints will be available to purchase and all proceeds will be going to LiveStrong, the organisation set up by the legendary Lance Armstrong. I'm humbled indeed to be able to contribute to this event and hopefully raise further awareness and cash for the awesome things that LiveStrong do. 

Plus, just look at how my name sticks out amongst that list of amazing artists and contributors.  Blimey!

I would love to make this event, though sadly I fear it's a touch too far for me to cycle... If you are an Austin local, be sure to check it out!




Poster Roast at Radfest III

My hardworking friends at Poster Roast recently represented the work of a few UK poster artists at the recent Radfest III event, and I'm pleased to say some of my work featured among the colourful offerings of eye-noms & poster tidbits.

They even put up a few pictures which you can see here:

For those unaware of the cool stuff Poster Roast do, you should absolutely go and view this rather nice videomational reel, with immediacy!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

'Ride Hard & Earn the Downhill' now available

Pick up my latest bike themed print from the online shop:

Pick one up now to get FREE POSTAGE to anywhere!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ARTCRANK London 2011 - Opening Night

Despite the riots and turmoil in London, plans are still rightly going ahead for the ARTCRANK London event, the opening of which will be on Friday 19th August.  It promises to be a great night, so definitely try and swing by if you're around.


My prints have now made the magical transition from pixels to ink and paper and look great!  They are A2, and limited to a signed/numbered edition of 60.  They will be availble to purchase from Look Mum No Hands as well as from the AoC Shop after the event.

Until next time: Stay safe friends!

Friday, August 05, 2011

Worst. Service. Ever.

I recently emailed a supplier of a product I am interested in, mentioning that they were recommended by a mutual friend, and providing some very clear details of what I was interested in. I asked a couple of questions about how best to supply artwork and also asked for a quotes for various order quantities. While it contained a few details, my email wasn't overly long, and it expressed some positivity about the prospect of doing business with said supplier.

This is the reply I received:

"Please phone me next tuesday"

Now. Perhaps I am naive about how the industry works and this response is perfectly reasonable; par for the course, even. Perhaps, were I to call on Tuesday, I would be given another set of instructions leading me to a hidden locked box or providing me with a puzzle to solve. Perhaps after a treasure hunt style chain of events I would even be allowed to order the product I am interested in, having proved myself worthy to my secretive supplier.

Or perhaps this is fact the worst customer service I've encountered in a long time. It's impersonal on so many levels. Right from the get-go.

My first response was to laugh incredulously. Really? Then I hit reply and typed, "Nevermind, I'll find someone else." Hit Send.

The lesson to be learned is that if you're running a business and someone takes the time to enquire about your services, how you reply communicates an awful lot about how you might conduct yourself later on in the process. It sets a precident for the level of service a customer should expect. It reassures the customer that they've made the right choice in coming to you, and that you appreciate the enquiry. It might just give you the advantage if they've emailed other suppliers and recived poor responses... like the one above.


Monday, August 01, 2011

ARTCRANK London 2011

I was chuffed into smithereens to be asked to take part in this year's Artcrank London Exhibition.  Artcrank is a poster party for bike people, where you can hang out and chat, drink, view and purchase fantastic, limited edition pieces of art.

I just finished my design and will report back again here once it's printed.

As with last year, the exhibition will be hosted by the awesome Look Mum, No Hands venue.  Last year the atmosphere was great on the opening night, so it's definitely worth a visit.

Incidentally, my wife and I (both fans of outdoor adventuring) completed a run / ride / kayak adventure race this weekend and, clearly bitten by the bug, have now entered a Sprint Triathlon too -- so I'm glad to be riding bikes as well as making art about them.

My print from last year contained a Tour de France reference, and this one is no different - see if you can spot it!