Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flatstock Europe 6 (AKA FS 32)

You know the drill by now -- the Flatstock Poster Convention is the largest gigposter event in the world, and Flatstock EU is now it's its 6th year.


As usual the event takes place in Hamburg, Germany as part of the Reeperbahn Festival and promises to be a lot of fun.

Flatstock will be situated on the spielbudenplatz of the Reeperbahn district and will be open Thursday 22nd to Saturday 24th September, from 3pm to 11pm each day.

Poster artists from around the globe will be displaying and selling their prints, posters and other nick-nacks. The list of luminaries reads thus:

Crosshair (US), Piccione Illustration & Art (NL), Lil Tuffy (US), FugScreens Studios (US), Mark McCormick Art (US), Scrawled Design (GB), Damien Tran (DE), Adam Pobiak (GB), Grace Helly Graphics (DE), Pink Slip Press (US), Handcooked Posters (GB), Michael Cowell (GB), tattoo freestyle (DE), Douze Studio Dresden (DE), Kevin Tong Illustration (US), Tara McPherson (US), ARMY of CATS (GB), Luke Drozd (GB), monkeyink (US), The Comet Substance (CH), Strawdogs (NL), IdleBeats (DE/CL), Atzgerei (AT), clockwork pictures (IT), horse (GB), Slowboy (DE), Zeloot (NL), Fritte (DE), Mitchum d.a. (DE), Voodoo Catbox (US), The Red Can Co. (DE), PopFuel (CA), Boss Construction (US), Methane (US), Sean Mort (GB), Workspace (US), Walking Bodybag (DE), Arrache Toi un Oeil (FR), Rocket & Wink (DE)

Hope to see you there!

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