Friday, September 30, 2011


I'm very pleased to have worked with the super awesome Chuck Ragan in putting together this Tour Poster for the 2011 UK/Europe leg of The Revival Tour.


This is an A2, 3 colour screenprint, with an edition of 270.

Thanks so much for the positive comments on the poster so far, it's been a pleasure to design and the print job is absolutely beautiful.  Because I'm getting asked the same set of questions, I'm going to try and cover all that stuff below.


These weren't at the first few shows -- really sorry to those at the earlier UK shows who worried that they missed them or that they'd sold out. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get these printed in time for the start of the Tour.  They will be available from the Newcastle show onwards.

Online Store -- I will have a small number of these available from my online store which I will put on sale sometime next week.  In order to make it fair for everyone who wants to grab one, I'll announce the date & time in advance, and after that it's first come first served.

Support the Tour! -- If you're able to get to a show and purchase one from the band directly, please do so - as mentioned above, I will not have many for sale, this is merch for the Tour. Get to a show, have a great time, and pick up a cool limited edition reminder in poster form!

Hand printed -- for those unfamiliar with the medium, these posters are hand printed, and then signed & numbered by the designer (that would be me). Each one is an individual piece of art, and a unique memento of what I'm sure will be an amazing tour. Once the run of 270 is gone, they are gone.

However... if there is enough demand, there may be a second printing in alternate colours, or with some other way of indicating a second print run. No details confirmed yet!

I think that's it -- thanks again for the interest in this print!



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