Monday, November 14, 2011

Screenprinting Course

So this weekend myself and good friend Cameron Steward ( taught our first Screenprinting Course at WYPW, the place where we both print. I'm very happy to report we were both really pleased with how it went.

As well as taking everyone through the print process we spent some time showing our enthusiastic group of 6 a few tricks for prepping files in Photoshop, such as trapping and halftoning.

I designed a 2 colour print as a sort of certificate for the course, and each student took home the one they printed.


The students were keen and enthusiastic and were an absolute pleasure to work with. Everyone was able to print their own artwork on the second day, and you can see a few of the prints here, here and here!

Fantastic stuff and I look forward to teaching further courses in the future!




rainsford said...

That looks great. I often thought about running a course like that. Did your students create their own screens or did you take care of that part?

Graham D Pilling said...

On the first day, we took them through the process and coated the screens themselves, but the second day was them producing their own work so we got them to coat and create their own screens too!