Monday, January 23, 2012

#buymorerecords Giveaway Results

Thanks to all those who Tweeted me the choice secret shames and hidden gems from their record collections.  Some people nominated embarrassing records which I actually own, so I don't know what that says about me...

But anyway, here is the result and a couple of honourable mentions:

My favourite embarrassing record has to be from Joe Maples with his Never Ending Story record with the words cut out from Smash Hits magazine and sellotaped on the back.  I think the personal touch just gives it the edge.  Well done Joe, I'll get a shirt sent off to you.

Other contributions worth mentioning are Beefy with a seemingly endless cursed-treasure trove of ska-punk, and John Tarbet Walker with a Wombles record which was the first record he purchased, coincidentally also the first record I ever bought.

Thanks guys, that was fun!

Shirts are now available on the AoC Shop, and I'll be sending out 7" records with the first 10 orders.

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